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With "Yulin Quantang Industrial Association" as the predecessor, Guangxi Yuchai Group was established in 1951 and located in Yulin of Guangxi, which is called "a standing city in South of Five Ridges". At present, it possesses over 30 wholly-owned, share-holding and joint stock subsidiaries and a workforce of more than 23,000, with total assets of RMB 32.8 billion Yuan. Being reputed to be "an capital of green power in China", Yuchai the internal combustion engine manufacturing base with the most complete product spectrum at home and the manufacturer with the most complete spectrum in excavators at home and has ranked 226th among China's Top 500 Enterprises, 115th among China's Top 500 Manufacturers, 106th among China's Top 500 Chinese Valuable Brands and 18th among China's Top 500 Machinery Manufacturers.

In the past ten years, Yuchai has attained an annual average growth rate of over 30%. In 2011, Yuchai Group sales revenue exceeded RMB 40 billion Yuan and amounted to RMB 42.921 billion Yuan, increasing by 15.86% over the same period of the previous year. Yuchai sold 716,900 engines and 8,527 construction machines, laying a solid foundation and providing guarantee for Yuchai to achieve the goal of building a zone valuing RMB 100 billion Yuan during the National 12th Five-Year Plan Period.

With "Green Development & Win-Win in Harmony" as the core concept and "make cooperators and the public's trust more valuable" as the corporate mission, Yuchai is devoted to leading the national industry with the excellent. After many years' development, Yuchai creates advantages of "two product chains" such as product chains of engine and construction machine products and builds six business sectors ranging from diesel engine, construction machinery, logistics and automobile trade, spare parts, energy & chemical industry and special purpose vehicles, etc. and lays out the industry distribution across the country, such as Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangsu, Anhui, Shandong, Hubei, Sichuan, Chongqing, Liaoning and Tianjin, etc.

The strength of technological research and development of Yuchai is strong. In 2007, it set up Yuchai Engineering Research Institute with the leading level at home, possessed two scientific research bases in Nanning and Yulin and set up above 10 technology research and development centers for products at home and abroad by cooperating with such famous universities as British Brunel University, Tsinghua University and Tianjin University, etc. In 2008, Yuchai passed the approval of national "high and new technology enterprises"; in 2010, Yuchai became the only support construction unit of diesel research and development center in the industry of RMB 100 billion Yuan in Guangxi; in 2011, among technological center evaluations for 729 national approval enterprises, Yuchai Technological Center ranked the 36th and the first in the engine industry; in 2011, the national engineering lab of high-efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection internal-combustion engine representing the highest level in the industry of internal-combustion engine in China is located in Yuchai, which is responsible for the task of construction. For many years, Yuchai enters into the strategic cooperation agreements with such international technology and service suppliers such as Bosch, Caterpillar and Wartsila, etc. and forms the research and development platform of product technology with the independently researched and developed technologies as the core, link up with the world's latest advanced technology, based on the external and serving the internal. In recent years, Yuchai have been taking the responsibility for the R & D on heavy-duty commercial vehicle diesel engines, large-size bus CNG engine, sedan diesel engines, bus hybrid diesel engines and so on 6 key projects under the National High-Tech R &D Programme (863 Programme); participated in the work of preparing 29 national standards in related fields; first to manufacture diesel engine meeting Euro 3 standard and launch into market, being the first to produce in batch and launch diesel engine to the market meeting National III, National IV and National V standards in China. In 2011, Yuchai became the first enterprise possessing diesel engines with the emission standard meeting Euro VI and kept the same level with the international advanced level in the technology.

Yuchai products are leading and applicable and the engine products cover a wide range of application including 27 series used for vehicles, vessels, construction machinery, agricultural machinery and Gen-sets, and over 2,000 kinds of slight/light/medium/heavy-duty/large-sized multi-cylinder diesel engines, with power ranging from 6KW-25,000KW. It is the most comprehensive and the most complete engine family. Yuchai engines are featured with large power, large torque, high reliability, low fuel consumption, low emission, low noise and high availability, as well as the well-developed and convenient services, which are ideal to power vehicle, construction machinery and agricultural machinery and so on at home. Earth-moving machine and pile driving machine are the leading products in construction machinery business sector, among which the hydraulic excavators cover over 40 series, more than 160 models ranging from 0.8T to 220T. They are famous for being compact in design, reliable quality, high efficiency and energy saving. The other business sectors also enjoy a rapid development, taking the lead in industry. Energy & chemical industry occupies half of market of the top-grade diesel engine in domestic market; logistics and automobile trade ranks in the third place among road transport enterprises in China. Spare parts business sector covers 9 subsidiary companies, offering a comprehensive range of products extending from filter, oil sump and so on engine main parts & components; environmental sanitary products of special purpose vehicle sector top the industry with large market share and population.

Yuchai has been making efforts to build sales Internet and service advantages and the service network is spread overseas. Yuchai's businesses extend to Asia, Africa, Europe, America and Oceanica. We have 45 sales offices set up at home and aboard, over 2,900 service stations. We form the market viewpoint that wins together with customers, based on YCSS service information management system and calling center, carry out the active following services and provide most professional, fastest and most satisfactory sales services to users at home and abroad. The sales and service network of construction machinery products are spread over more than 70 countries and regions in five continents in the world and we establish a long agency and cooperation relation with the sales companies in more than 30 countries; 34 agents in China cover more than 30 provinces, cities and autonomous regions, forming a sound and strong sales and service network system.

Yuchai joined the United Nations Global Compact and released the first Report of Corporate Social Responsibility in the industry, setting an example to assume social responsibilities in the field. With "being the largest controller on active pollutant resource" as the responsibility, Yuchai promotes the corporate social responsibility activity by various channels and enjoys a good fame and high public integrity.

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