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YC55 hydraulic excavator, hydraulic system is supplied with the load sensor system of international advancer lever, which has nothing to do with the load so that has good effect of saving resource. It utilizes senor hydraulic pilot device and is user-friendly; The excavator is working platform can rotate 360 degrees and have the function of digging, grabbing, drilling, shoveling, bull-dozing and stone-breaking. Our excavators have been widely used in erection of buildings and wooden land, municipal engineering, construction of water supply, gas, heating and telecommunications construction on farmland.
Basic Dimension of YC55
 Machine WeightKg571058305710
 Volume of Backhoem30.20.20.2
 Engine Cummins B3.3
 Power of engineKW/rpm45/220045/220045/2200
AOverall Length (trans pos)mm606560656065
BOverall Height (trans pos)mm259025902590
CWidth of Undercarriagemm190019001900
DWidth of Trackmm300 (Rubber)/ 400(Steel)
EMaximum Platform Tail Turning Radiusmm167016701670
FLength of Trackmm245524552455
GSprocket to idler centresmm191019101910
HDist. between Undercarriage and Groundmm340340340
IDist. Between boom and groundmm227522752275
JWidth of Platformmm183018301830
KDist. Between Hood and Groundmm167016701670
LDist. Between Platform and Groundmm695695695
 Outer Width of Bucketmm656656656
 Travelling Speed (Low/High)Km/h2.66/4.252.66/4.252.66/4.25
 Swing Speed of Platformrpm11.511.511.5
 Cabin ¢¢¢
 Swing boom  ¢ 
 Swing Angularity of the Digging Arm (L/R) 70/50 

Range of Operation
AMaximum Digging Heightmm5700
BMaximum Dumping Heightmm3855
CMaximum Digging Depthmm3935
DMaximum Digging Radiusmm6380
D1Maximum Digging Dist.of Groundmm6196
EMaximum Height Digging Radiusmm4127
FMinimum Platform Tail Turning Radiusmm2670
GMaximum Depth for Bulldozingmm397
HMaximum Height for Bulldozingmm251
 Maximum Digging ForcekN37.3
Notice: The above dimension is the nominal data only, and we have the right to change them without prior notice.
Basic Dimension of YC55

Range of Operation
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