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Yuchai Bus Engine 2010
Yuchai Machinery Co.,Ltd.   2010-08-17 10:57  


In the hot summer 2010, Yuchai Bus Engine produces impressive performance and glows charm vigorously with the following two impressive numbers:

 1. At present, Yuchai¡¯s market share in State 4 and State 5 bus market is approaching 100%;
 2. In the first half of 2010, Yuchai Bus Engine grows by 107% over previous year.

Self Core Technologies Win Opportunity for Yuchai to Seize National-4 and National-5 Market

In 2010, one of the performance highlights of Yuchai is the leading position of its engine that meets National-4 or above emission standards.

In the first half of 2010, Yuchai¡¯s biggest success in large bus market is the exclusive occupation in National-4 and National-5 area. While taking the lead to start high emission upgrading, Beijing, Hangzhou, Chengdu and Tianjin placed their orders at Yuchai. Yuchai staged a brilliant one-man show at State 4 stage of highest technical content.

Self core technology has enabled Yuchai to outshine others, making it stands out so thoroughly and promptly in the electronic control National-4 engine era with best recognized technical content.

1) The self R & D team led by Dr. Li Qin the first person in the world setting foot in SCR technology, has ensured a direct starting of Yuchai after-treatment SCR system from the world's most advanced technology level, as well as ensured its excellent application.

Dr. Li Qin has studied in Germany, and his university graduation thesis made in 1985 is about SCR after-treatment system, which is 20 years earlier than the implementation of Euro 4 standard in Europe. Not only among the pioneers in the world studying SCR exhaust after-treatment system¡¯s application to power plant and to engine, Dr. Li Qin has also obtained a PhD in Germany through his research on DPF particulate filter regeneration technology, and meanwhile, he has got a deep understanding of the various technical routes of diesel engine exhaust after-treatment as well as their relationship with engines. Therefore, Yuchai made no hesitate to choose SCR when planning to adopt National-4 technical route. Today, when counterparts are still studying technical route, Yuchai's SCR system researched and developed independently by Yuchai from world's highest level has matured and been put into commercial mass-production, leading in the industry for more than 3 years.

In National-4 era, Yuchai outranks others, with not only leading technologies but also many practical problems solving abilities and much accumulated experience.

The accumulation of application techniques requires chance and time.Yuchai's SCR exhaust after-treatment system was at first applied to buses in Beijing, creating a global first. To ensure SCR system plays good NOx reduction role under low speed and low exhaust temperature condition, Yuchai has solved the technology problem of low-temperature ammonia storage and control. The technical breakthrough makes it come true that the initial operating temperature of SCR system falls down from 280 degrees to 200 degrees Celsius, which makes the 4,000 State 4 diesel buses reduce NOx emissions by more than 10 tons every day compared with same quantity of National-3 diesel vehicles.

However, after running for some time, there appeared the problem of exhaust pipe plug by urea crystallization, which was not encountered by counterparts and suppliers. At last, the solution came out after the discussion with German car diesel engine exhaust after-treatment experts at the Annual Conference of German Aachen Automobile and Engine.

In terms of technical advantages of Yuchai in emission upgrading, besides satisfying customer's use, Yuchai State 5¡¯s development progress has become an important reference to the upgrading of vehicle emission standard to customers. As a vehicle matching enterprise, Yuchai has grown from providing product support for the implementation of environmental regulations of the country to providing time reference for the implementation of regulations; this lead is the real core competitiveness.

2) Yuchai's self electronic control calibration technology provides users with the electronic control engine of excellent performance.Self electronic control calibration capability is the core strength, of which Yuchai people are proud. Have a look at the history of Yuchai's self electronic control calibration capability, and we can know that it is Yuchai's strategy that equips the enterprise with such core competence. Enterprise strategy has brought Yuchai's self electronic control alibration capability to the industry peak.

Yuchai is the only one among engine enterprises that has established electronic control department in the era of electronic control engine research and development, and it is the high recognition of company strategy that guarantees the present and future status of Yuchai's self electronic control calibration.

After several years of efforts, many of Yuchai's electronic control calibration engineers have been able to cooperatively complete the self-calibration of all products, and can make application adjustments according to customer demand, so as to ensure Yuchai engine performance is adjusted to adapt to professional users and achieve optimal performance. Such core advantage of Yuchai is at least two years leading in the industry.

SCR system is the core engine system in the era of State 4, while self electronic control calibration is the high-tech throughout the whole process of engine R & D. The two technologies are 2-3 years lead over Yuchai¡¯s competitors, so it can be expected that in the next 5 years, Yuchai will continue to lead China¡¯s bus industry in an all-round way.

We can say that today's Yuchai has occupied the commanding heights of technology and market in State 4 engine field. When China's buses rushed to switch to State 4 emission one after another in enormous quantities, Yuchai again captured the market and has successfully raised the perfect curtain of bus engine market in China in the following five years.

Specialized Segmentation, Win by Strategy

It is obvious from Yuchai's bus engine Ads that Yuchai 2010 bus section has clear strategic thinking, and market segmentation and product combination guarantee the 2010 breakthrough of Yuchai bus engine through strategies.

Yuchai has always been guiding operation with market segmentation concept. It is the recipe for success of Yuchai bus engine to spare no efforts in every segmented market, while the joint market segmentation and product combination is the breakthrough of Yuchai product planning and marketing idea in 2010.

In 2010, Yuchai proposed "Specialized Segmentation, Win by Strategy" product marketing concept, and it is the first time Yuchai applies product combination explicitly to marketing. The market coverage formula in Yuchai advertising succinctly expands the concept of Yuchai product combination: YC6L + YC6M = 11 meters or more bus engine.

Application of product combination in engine market can effectively solve the following two problems:

1) To solve the effective market coverage of products.

In engine industry, there is the thinking that swept volume determines positioning, and customer needs differentiation is often overlooked at the time of product development; singe product covers the market, while blank part of the market is ignored. This bank part is usually difficult to find. Product combination based on market segmentation can help to find the blind spots in the market, so as to solve the problem of effective market coverage.

2) Accurate positioning to ensure technology meets market demand.

Market segmentation can help to classify user needs, and after product combination is associated with segmented market, it will be easy to find out the shortage of product adaptation, and make accurate positioning for the product improvement and research and development of technology department, and to meet market demand.

With length and segmented market as the two dimensions, 11.5-13.7m seat bus can be divided into eight segmented markets, while the big 12m market needs to increase price dimension, so as to add the other 3 segmented markets. The customer groups of 11 segmented markets have special requirements on product and power performance. Customer's power performance requirements are balancing production according to operation need and cost, but not completely rigid requirements. Power, fuel economy and price are the three main indicators considered by customers when choosing bus engines.

YC6L and YC6M product combination has made uniform distribution in power covering width, and effectively covered the two dimensions and 8 segmented markets in large bus market. In order to further ensure the more accurate positioning of Yuchai big bus products in segmented market, and better meet the future development needs of large bus market, Yuchai Engineer Research Institute has taken the lead to apply two-stage turbo-charging technology to YC6L, which is pioneering in the industry. Two-stage turbo-charging application further increases the air intake of engine and enhances the power performance and fuel economy. It is this spirit of improving excellence and the strong sense of mission to meet users¡¯ power demand with excellence and leadership that lay solid foundation for the 107% growth of Yuchai bus engine.

Enhance Matching Development Success Rate, Create Pre-sale Service Appreciation

The 2010 new product planning idea has brought rapid growth to Yuchai bus engine and also breakthrough to the marketing idea of Yuchai.

Yuchai actively cooperates with main engine plants in product planning, and with profound understanding of engine specialty and advanced product combination concept, Yuchai provides technical and market reference for main engine plants to making engine selection, which can greatly improve the success rate of matching product development and create pre-sale service value.

Continuous leading requires the guidance of enterprise¡¯s strategic thinking, the support of enterprise¡¯s strong capacity, the backup of enterprise¡¯s self technical capacity, as well as correct strategy and correct tactics. In electronic control era, Yuchai engine will create more miracles and innovations to bus market. Let¡¯s wait and see!


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