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Yuchai Opens A New Era Of Rear Engine Buses In Chongqing
Yuchai Machinery Co.,Ltd.   2010-10-28 10:00  

The natural gas resources of Chongqing are in a prominent position across the whole country. East of Chongqing Municipality and Three Gorges Reservoir Area are some of the areas which have the most abundant onshore natural gas in China. Thanks to the special energy condition, Chongqing Public Traffic Group has already completely accomplished the transformation of buses from being driven by diesel to by natural gas, which provides a broad market space for gas engines.   

Yuchai was selected as designated brand

As narrowness, plenty of bends and large gradient feature?the roads in Chongqing, when rear engine buses have swept the whole country, front engine buses keep running in Chongqing. Liu Weixing, Vice General Manager of Chongqing Public Transport Holding (Group) Co., Ltd £¨hereinafter referred to as Chongqing Bus Co., Ltd£©said, ¡°As the roads are narrow, if we choose large buses, they will take up too many lanes and affect the traffic and it is also not easy for large buses to turn on narrow roads. In addition, roads in Chongqing have large gradient which calls for the buses to having a high qualified breaking performance. Based on all these factors, it is not suitable to choose large buses with rear engines in Chongqing.¡± But with the development of Chongqing Municipality, the strengthening of fluidity of population and the improvement of road conditions, Chongqing begins to have the demand of large buses with rear engines. Buses equipped with rear engines are not only more beautiful but also more comfortable and its noise is reduced. Therefore, it becomes one of the agenda in Chongqing Public Traffic Group to choose an appropriate rear gas engine.

Staff from Yuchai is offering one-to-one training to the bus driver.

On August 20, a journalist from Commercial Vehicle News saw a bus of NO.801 bus line, which was called ¡°Olympic bus¡± printed with FuWa-Beijing Olympic mascots. As Liu Weixing recommended£¬the ¡°Olympic buses¡± were the first to have a batch selection of rear engine. There were altogether 20 such buses in Chongqing Bus Co., Ltd which were purchased in 2008 for Olympic commuter service.

It is these vehicles that helped Yuchai rear gas engine¡ªYuchai YC6G230N successfully entered Chongqing public traffic market. It is reported that Chongqing Bus Co., Ltd - the branch of Chongqing Public Traffic Group was the first to try Yuchai rear gas engine. After these gas engines were put into use and for more than one year¡¯s cooperation with Yuchai, product quality and after sales service of Yuchai are appreciated by Chongqing Bus Co., Ltd. ¡°Nowadays there is a regulation in Chongqing Public Traffic Group, that is, buses higher than 10 meters can only use engines of two brands and Yuchai is one of them and its inventory is in an absolute dominant position.¡± Liu Weixing said. During the short period of two years, the number of Yuchai rear gas engine in Chongqing Public Traffic Group has reached 429 and it will surmount 120 just in Chongqing Bus Company Co., Ltd.  

Many indicators are approved

It is not easy to be selected as one of the standard catalog of Chongqing Pubic Traffic Group. In 2008, after drawing up the purchase plan of ¡°Olympic Buses¡±, Chongqing Public Traffic Group put several buses equipped with different brands of engines into trial service. Then Chongqing Public Traffic Group gathered and evaluated the indicators of gas consumption, maintenance cost, and failure rate and so on of different engines. After the evaluation, Chongqing Public Traffic Group selected qualified products and determined the cost feasibility before a large amount of rear engines promotion. At last, Chongqing Public Traffic Group selected the engines from two enterprises. ¡°Chongqing Public Traffic Group will not blindly select an engine of any brand. Before the ¡®Olympic Buses¡¯, there are few rear engine buses. However, after ¡®Olympic Buses¡¯ were put into service, our group had purchased 100 Yuchai rear engine buses last year. All these are contributed to the good performance of Yuchai Products. ¡±said Zhang Yu- maintenance director of Chongqing Public Traction Company (hereinafter referred to as Chongqing Traction Company£©.

As Liu Weixing commended, when the buses in Chongqing Bus Co., Ltd were first equipped with Yuchai rear gas engines, these engines had already performed very well. At present, there are altogether over 1600 buses in Chongqing Bus Co., Ltd. At the end of this year, the number of the buses higher than 11 meters will reach 218 and 80% of the buses will be equipped with Yuchai rear gas engines. Liu Weixing considers that public traffic institutions are public service units and many are operating at a loss. Therefore, the public traffic institutions have a high requirement for the cost   performance ratio, and the cost effectiveness of Yuchai engines is superior.   

Yuchai YC6G230N Engine¡¯s good performance in the buses of Chongqing Bus Co., Ltd made it the setting engine for the buses higher than 11 meters of Chongqing Bus Co., Ltd. In the mid of August in 2009, 100 HengTong CKZ6116 buses equipped with Yuchai YU6G230N engines were put into service. Zhang Yu was very satisfied with the buses¡¯ overall performance: there was not much difference of gas consumption between Yuchai gas engine and imported engines. When the air conditioner in the bus was not turned on, a bus¡¯s gas consumption is about 46 cubic meters per 100km which was rare under the special road conditions in Chongqing. As there are many slopes in Chongqing and even on a 5-kilometer-slope there are 3 bus stations, all these require the bus engine to have good start-up and hill climbing performance. Yuchai engines pass all the tests. The purchase cost of imported engines is very high and the maintenance service is not matched which makes the bus conditions worse and worse. Zhang Yu said, ¡°The cost of purchase, operation and maintenance are the three factors for us to evaluate an engine. The price of Yuchai engine is lower than the imported engines and its gas consumption is within the limit set by Chongqing Public Traffic Group. In addition, Yuchai¡¯s service is very timely.¡±

Service comes to your door, warmth reaches your heart

During the interview, Yuchai¡¯s service also left a deep impression on the journalist from Commercial Vehicle News. Though having heard about Yuchai¡¯s good service, it still surprised the journalist from Commercial Vehicle News, when Liu Weixing made a comment of Yuchai¡¯s service as ¡°service comes to your door, warmth reaches your heart.¡±

When hearing about that HuangLiqiang-the service manager of Yuchai Chongqing Office worked in the 78¡æ engine compartment for successive 3 hours, the journalist from Commercial Vehicle News felt not only the hardships of a service manager but also the efforts that Yuchai made in order to fully meet customers¡¯ demands. It¡¯s no wonder that Liu Weixing commended ¡°Whenever there is something wrong with the engine, we just call Yuchai, and the Yuchai service staff will immediately go to the designated roads, repair factories or buses.¡±   

Because it is the first time for the buses to have a batch selection of rear gas engines, many drivers in Chongqing Traction Company are not familiar with the operation of the new buses. For this reason, the Yuchai service staff has explained every detail and matters that needs attention to drivers when handing over the buses. Even Zhang Yu claimed, ¡°Such event has never occurred in our company¡¯s history of handing over buses.¡±

For Chongqing Pubic Traffic Group, it is a special case. While for Yuchai, it is not. Yuchai has launched a nanny service policy for every single engine. Before putting an engine into operation, Chongqing Office of Yuchai will in advance keep in touch with the bus company to ensure the stops and the contacts, and then arrange the technicians of the service station to check for free the "three leakages" and performances of all buses. During the first month¡¯s operation, Yuchai will also arrange their staff to do follow-up service on each line all day long to make sure of the on-call service, so that the problem can be solved as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Yuchai will send the technicians from the headquarter to station in Chongqing in order to provide the best technical supports. If there is any engine failure during the warranty period, for whatever reason, Yuchai¡¯s technicians have to go to the scene to deal with the problem and then notify the relevant personnel. When a bus drives between 2000 to 5000 km, Yuchai will also carry out some activities, which are free of working hours fees, such as maintaining the machine filter, sending engine oil, and checking whether there is any phenomenon of three leakages in any part of the engines. In addition, Yuchai will actively guide the relevant staff using the engine to carry out all routine maintenance work and try their best to achieve the purpose of cultivating engines instead of repairing them. During the operation, the service station will also send technicians to guide the maintenance of the engines and require strong security for three times within 50,000 km. After the product warranty period, Yuchai will still provide free technical support to the operation and maintenance of the engines.

Yuchai is more considerate about many details. In addition to offering training to drivers before handing over the buses, Yuchai service staff will provide each driver with another specific one- to- one spot training (including explaining performance and characteristics of engines£©, meanwhile offer an overall training to maintenance personnel. Yuchai service staff correct drivers¡¯ operation habits which are formed in driving the front engine buses in a gradual approach. ¡°Here are two typical examples. When staring up the front engine buses, drivers like stepping on the gas pedal to its end so as to increase engine speed. However it is not the case for the rear engine buses.¡±  Besides, new rear engines meet National Phrase III Emission Standard. Drivers of the buses which meet National Phrase II Emission Standard used to judge the speed by reading the engine speed. However drivers can no longer identify the speed of buses with National Phrase III Emission Standard as the buses adopt EFI (Extensible Firmware Interface) technology. The drivers shall be inculcated the new operation habits in advance and then gradually correct their former operation habits by driving the new buses.¡± said Huang Liqiang.

Liu Weixing expressed, ¡°We could say that Yuchai can satisfy all of our demands. Whatever we don¡¯t know about the operation of the bus, the Yuchai service staff will come to help and guide us at once. When the hybrid buses got to our company, before our drivers began to drive them, Yuchai had already arranged two training classes which lasted for 4 stages for our drivers. Yuchai staff explained properties, performance and operation codes of the hybrid buses.¡± Yuchai¡¯s outstanding service brings more value for its customers


(Source: Commercial Vehicle News Li Lin)             


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